iGamingNuts trip

The iGamingNuts company teambuilding trip

All great teams are built on the back of communication and trust. What better way to build these traits in a team than through a company trip? The iGamingNuts annual trip is an opportunity for all employees to spend time together in an informal setting and have fun while learning more about one another. By taking part in activities together, employees get to have fun while also developing new skills and becoming closer as a team.

Aside from activities, there are also loads of social events and parties for employees to enjoy, getting a chance to socialise in an informal setting. These trips are hugely popular with all of the iGamingNuts team, providing a chance to enjoy something different and get a change of scenery.

Benefits of our teambuilding trips

Any office can benefit from teambuilding events, as they help to strengthen ties between employees and lead to stronger and more capable teams. There are numerous benefits of a teambuilding trip, and the iGamingNuts team has seen a lot of success from hosting annual events for all employees to take part in. The trip might be all fun and games, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have real benefits that carry over to the office.

Communication and collaboration

The main benefit of a teambuilding trip is that it helps to improve communication and collaboration between team members. Great communication is, of course, vital in the office, and even more so when working with colleagues who are remote-based. During a teambuilding trip, everyone gets to take part in activities such as sports, forming teams and working together to achieve their goals. This helps all employees get used to collaborating, and the winning teams are those that communicate and work together the best.

Trust and cohesion

Trust and cohesion are also developed through teambuilding exercises, with employees learning more about each other in a fun and positive way. The more time people spend together working towards a common goal, the more likely they are to develop trust and respect, vital components of a successful team. More cohesive teams that trust each other work better and are more successful at achieving their goals. The teambuilding exercises at iGamingNuts trips are designed to increase trust, and the social activities and events also help.

Problem-solving and decision making

Teambuilding exercises create situations where employees need to work together to solve a problem or achieve a goal.  Even though these are games, they still help to develop skills which are useful in the real world. When iGamingNuts employees get used to solving problems and making the right decisions, they also gain the experience and confidence to succeed at work too.

Productivity and motivation

Of course, teambuilding trips should also be about having fun and enjoying the time spent together. Spending time with colleagues outside of the office can lead to the development of lasting friendships and higher job satisfaction. In addition, happy employees are more motivated and more productive, with increased job satisfaction also leading to lower staff turnover. Combining games with parties and a chance to socialise ensures that every teambuilding trip is a success.