Why Trust Us?

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As iGamingNuts, we are passionate about legal online gambling and sports betting. We have been here for you since 2017. We create unique content and verify legal gambling websites for you. Our goal is to deliver reliable information about the available betting websites in your country.

Our Mission

Key values: safety and transparency.

Nothing is more annoying than unreliable websites which promote low-quality products and place them first in their rankings. As a user, you expect access to trustworthy rankings and product comparisons – not sponsored content.

At iGamingNuts, we think the same – we focus on safety and transparency. Reviews must be written by experts, who have spent hours trying out all aspects of a casino or a bookmaker. It is the only way to gain irreplaceable experience to critically review a product. On this page , you will learn how we approach evaluation of gambling websites. 

On our website (iGamingNuts) we guarantee full transparency about our actions. All the rankings we created are based on real reviews by our team  – we do not sell ranking positions! Also you can rest assured that all gambling websites we display on our website are legal and safe for you.

At the same time, we encourage you to share your experiences. We guarantee that our moderators will not alter your reviews and opinions in any way. You won’t find any spam or ads in the comments because we do our best to keep it nice and clean.

A Company with Many Years of Experience

As iGamingNuts, we have been online in many markets since 2017 , and we have achieved numerous successes. We are currently present in Poland, the Czech Republic, Brazil, the Netherlands, Canada and many other countries worldwide.

Our authors come from these countries as well. That is why they know the local gambling laws through and through. What is more, they do understand the market and players’ needs. They are sports analysts and casino veterans that are experts in online gambling.

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We have extensive experience and high-level skills that are recognised and awarded by the industry. We have been awarded SBC Awards as the Casino Affiliate of the Year 2022 and 2023. Also, in 2022, we have been awarded by IGB Affiliates in the category Best Newcomer . That is not all! In the EGR Power Affiliates’s ranking, we are within the worldwide  Top 25 for 2023 and 2024.

The received awards show that our expertise is on the highest global level. Although we are not in it for prizes, we are proud to be recognized as independent and reliable specialists in the world of legal gambling.

Even major and renowned online portals trust us – both local and international. Among them, you will find brands such as Observador, Onet, Forbes, Affiliate Insider, SBC News and many more. All of them are recognized as a safe and trustworthy sources of information .

Reliable Reviews from Experienced Experts

Over the years, we have gained lots of experience. We run various websites that educate and deliver verified information about online gambling on licensed markets. You will never find advertisements for illegal casinos, nor do we recommend them to you.

All reviews of online casinos and bookmakers are based on our own experiences. We do all the work  ourselves in order to supply you with independent and truthful reviews, written by experienced experts. Below you will learn more about the way we review legal casinos and online bookmakers .

How do we write reviews?

In many countries, online gambling is overseen by a special authority that issues gambling licenses. Essentially, the gambling law serves to protect us from the potential harm of casinos and bookmakers. At iGamingNuts, we focus on legal gambling and delivering complete information about licensed gambling websites.

We check the licenses held by online casinos.

In countries, where online gambling is regulated by law and under special supervision, licenses are issued. Our first step is to verify if a gambling operator holds the required licenses and permits to operate. This safeguards your interests, and  why you should always only go for legal gambling sites.

We verify the operating authority of a particular operator to offer gambling services.

Licenses define the range of services a gambling website offers. Those may limit their offer to specific types of game of chance such as sports betting only. The best gambling websites offer a wide range of both casino games and sports betting. Our reviews always inform you regarding the available offer on a gambling website.

The Functionality of the Website Across Different Conditions and Devices

In today’s world, we use many different devices and have high expectations from our internet providers. We expect any website and app to run fast, smoothly and feel responsive and intuitive – regardless of what type of device we are using. Gambling sites and apps are no different, they must be simple, intuitive and user-friendly.

We thoroughly verify all information found on the website – its terms and conditions, FAQ, game descriptions, and more.

As a gambler, it is important to base your decisions on complete, honest and correct information. We use our analysis of the information we find to assess the reliability of an online casino. Among other things, a trustworthy website is expected to have a well-developed FAQ section where answers to all important questions can be found. Answers should be easy to find and must be written in a way that is easy to understand for the average player.

We carefully examine the bonuses offered and their terms.

We assess bonuses and the requirements of wagering them. Additionally, we compare them to other legal brands, in order to give you the  full picture. In our reviews, you will find crucial information about the bonus rollover, our assessment and advice on how best to wager the bonus.

We verify Customer Support.

In case of any trouble, we are forced to contact customer support (CS). Their job is to help us out as fast and accurately as possible – even with complex issues. A good CS is available 24/7 via a live chat and over the phone. During our tests, we contact CS to test their effectiveness. We assess whether customer service can handle simple cases quickly and how they handle complex ones. You can read more about our experience in the reviews.

We examine payments and withdrawals.

When it comes to our money, we are cautious and sensitive – rightfully so. All transactions in an online casino must be swift and secure. Especially, when we hit the jackpot and wish to withdraw the prize quickly. A reliable casino shall see to it, and in case of any issues, react by prioritizing our satisfaction.

We compare odds, payouts, and bookmakers’ margins.

Greatodds distinguish a great bookmaker from an average one. In our reviews, we assess odds for many different sportbets to evaluate the average level of payouts and bookmakers’ margin. Based on that, we know which bookmaker is the best on the market.

We test casino games and their payouts.

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In an online casino, you’ve got a wide range of games such as slots, blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette and others. Their payout percentage is known as RTP (%). The best casinos offer a variety of games with high RTP (payouts) and popular games that we remember from land-based casinos. We look into their offer and based on our findings, we assess a casino and compare it with its competitors. 

We search for unique features

Gambling websites occasionally offer unique features that can make our life easier. Those can be exclusive games or sports statistics, it could be an AI providing us with betting tips based on automated analysis. During our review, we verify the usefulness of those extra tools and explain how they work.

We read and verify user reviews.

During our review, we also take time to examine the opinions and experiences of other users. Based on that, we identify areas of excellence and areas for improvement. That is how we know whether a casino improves its services based on its users’ feedback.

Summary and Evaluation

After thorough analysis, comes the time for summary. In this part, we look at what we liked and did not like about the legal gambling site. Each of those elements we assess separately. Then, we evaluate our ratings and provide a final score and our recommendations.

Regular Content Updates

Our job is not done yet! We continue observing and using a gambling site’s services which results in our reviews being continuously updated with new information. Especially because gambling websites constantly expand their offerings, and also bonuses change frequently. That is why our reviews are always up to date.

Share your experience with us

Our experiences may differ from yours. We encourage you to share your experiences and opinions in the comments section. Others may find it helpful to see what other players like yourself think when choosing a trustworthy and safe betting site.

Describe your experience in the comments of our casino or bookmaker reviews. Remember that a helpful review describes your experience thoroughly.

Why You Can Trust Us

We are involved in online gambling not only professionally, but also personally, hence our sincere curiosity about legal gambling. We want to share helpful information about legal online gambling with you and other users.

Since reliable research and data are essential to us, we strongly advocate for using only safe and licensed gambling websites. That’s why we emphasize this message all the time.

We believe that a good betting site review must be written by a professional. Hence we attach great importance to reviewing and writing the reviews ourselves. casinos and writing honest reviews. Above, you can read how exactly we assess gambling websites and what we value most.

Although we try to be as objective as possible,  opinions are often subjective.. That’s why we also ask you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section on our website. We would love to hear from you!